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After an exhaustive search, Bonterra Productions is proud to announce that elite hunting guide and tracker Chad Savage will be taking over the reins for MANTRACKER® Season 7.

Raised in the shadow of Alberta’s Rocky Mountains, Chad Savage grew up hunting and working with horses. After early training with the Air Cadets, he worked in the Alberta oil patch, but returned to his true calling during the recession of the 1980’s. He’s been a professional guide since the early ‘90s, traveling from Alberta to Northern BC, the Yukon and Northwest Territories, as well as exploring the wilds of the US, Mexico, Africa, Australia and Asia. What sets him apart? It could be his better than average eyesight that enables him to spot movement at a ridiculously far distance, or simply the countless hours spent tracking such a wide variety of species. He’s also studied the art of tracking humans – certified by the acclaimed Emergency Response Institute of Canada. But really, Chad Savage just brings his own unique skills and persona to the job – He is the new MANTRACKER®.

Billy Ray Hunter
Age: 47
Alachua, Florida

Bio Fact: Billy Ray is a seventh generation Floridian with deep pioneering roots in the state of Florida. He has a long history in ranch management, but additionally, he spent 20 years as a Deputy Sheriff in the special operations unit, investigating everything from drug related problems to participating in homicide investigations involving serial killers. Billy Ray figures if “you can ride a horse and get paid, then it's worth doing”.

Butch Falk
Age: 56
Hometown: McLure, B.C.

Bio Fact: Butch has been riding most of his adult life in the hills between McLure and Barriere, spending hours searching out new trails. Butch is a musician with several albums to his credit and he has performed at most of the Cowboy Concerts in Western Canada and some in the US. When he is not out riding or singing he is in the shop building guitars and furniture.

Joe Trotz
Age: 59
Hometown: Crowsnest Pass, Alberta

Bio Fact: Not straying far from the “nest”, Joe has lived in Crowsnest Pass his whole life. He loves riding, team roping and Steer Wrestling. This is Joe’s second season on the show and first riding with the new Mantracker. When asked what he thought about him, he said “I’ll tell you what. I sure don’t want him after me.”

Phil Lemieux
Age: 48
Hometown: Sault Ste Marie, ON

Bio Fact: Phil’s one of a rare breed in eastern Canada, a part time cowboy but a full time jack of all trades. From his composting business to rebuilding trucks, Phil can do it all. He’s been around horses since he was a child but adds even with all of his experience “It can go from a Trail Ride to a Rodeo real quick”.


Barry Keown
Age: 57
Hometown: Sundridge, ON

Bio Fact: With more than 30 years in the Huntsville area, Barry is no stranger to this land. He became enthralled with the cowboy lifestyle watching westerns as a kid and he is thrilled to be the new Mantracker’s sidekick. Barry is a master roper on the rodeo circuit and shoes horses for a living.

Leon Chow
Age: 50
Hometown: Pahala, Hawai'i

Bio Fact: Leon is a traditional 'Paniolo' - that's a Hawaiian cowboy - and Leon is third generation. He lives and grows coffee on the eastern slope of Mauna Loa, the closest to the summit of any resident on the mountain, and he's been working the neighboring ranches for over 25 years. He's fiercely proud of his heritage, his family and his home-made Hawaiian saddle.