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Just another day at the office as Mantracker calls on his previous survival training to help his cameraman Shifty with his freshly lacerated leg.

Series Producer Deborah Burgess situates herself well away from the swamp and gators of Myakka River State Park, Florida.

Kurt Carpenter takes a risk and hangs from a heli for some serious scenics.

Call them a gang, or call them a crew � either way, they�re right there with you! (With Kurt Carpenter, Shifty Schaffel and Lawrence Foster)
While filming the new opening in BC, Cameraman Devin Lund and Exec Producer Ihor Macijiwsky get some epic shots of Savage. Team Prey Cameraman and Chase Coordinator Lawrence Foster utilizes his impressive stride to keep up with our fear-fuelled Prey.
On location in Hawaii, Camera men Devin Lund, Lawrence Foster and Shifty pose with Production Coordinator Michelle Budden Team Tracker cameraman Shifty Schaffel looks the other way� but still gets the shot.
Sidekick Leon Chow shoots his fourth Mantracker episode in Hawaii � literally. Executive Producer, Ihor Macijiwsky slates another classic long-lense shot. Associate Producer and camera operator Jacquie Rushlow gets to go on location in Crowsnest Pass Alberta
Director Andrew Murray supervises while Cameraman Devin Lund lines up the shot in Elliot Lake, Ontario. It�s a long day for everyone! Cameraman Devin Lund shares a long yawn with one of two tired Hawaiian horses.