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The irony is not lost on these “two black guys running from a white guy on a horse”. Al and Garfield are lifelong friends who once lived in Toronto’s infamous Jane & Finch neighbourhood. With virtually no wilderness experience, these urban warriors draw on the history of the Underground Railroad for inspiration to escape the relentless Mantracker.

Al St. Louis
Age: 34
Hometown: Etobicoke, Ontario
Occupation: Hair Stylist, poet, motivational educator

Bio Fact: This fit, funny and single former semi-pro basketball player still has the moves and figures his creativity and determination will help him beat Mantracker.

Garfield Thompson
Age: 41
Hometown: Brampton. Ontario
Occupation: Custodial Worker, University Student

Bio Fact: Strong willed/tenacious. It’s no surprise that Garfield led his Humber College’s Men’s Basketball team to its first National Championship.


They’ve never met, but they’re going to have to gel quickly as a team to have any hope of surviving Mantracker and some of the most rugged terrain northern BC has to offer. Can the flamboyant ‘city boy’ and self-proclaimed ‘punk-girl’ tree planter find common ground? At first glance, Mike looks to be an easy catch for Mantracker, but you should never judge a book by its cover.

Simone Crook
Age: 28
Hometown: Smithers, BC
Occupation: GIS Technician, Treeplanter

Bio Fact: Simone works seasonally so she can enjoy British Columbia’s ‘great outdoors’- ski touring, mountain biking and hiking. But she makes time for sewing and crafts, too.

Mike Sage
Age: 25
Hometown: Peterborough, Ontario
Occupation: Grad Student and freelance film critic

Bio Fact: International traveller and rock climber, Mike also loves Scrabble and role-playing games.


Raised on the mean streets of the “Hammer”, these steel town mates have never backed down from a fight. Rocker Jesse is counting on Nathan’s brute strength to carry them both through the rugged South Saskatchewan Badlands; While Nathan, the semi-pro wrester is hoping Jesse’s Aboriginal wilderness know how will lead them to victory.

Jesse Tomes
Age: 25
Hometown: Hamilton, Ontario
Occupation: Musician

Bio Fact: Jesse’s an all-round athlete and lead guitarist for the rock band “Anti-Hero”. His Aboriginal roots make him a “natural” in the bush but he hates cockroaches.

Nathan McGuire
Age: 22
Hometown: Ancaster, Ontario
Occupation: Retail Sales

Bio Fact: ‘Adventurous’, ‘funny’ and ‘spontaneous’ are how Nathan’s friends describe him. A natural strongman, he’s training to be a police officer.


He’s a gravedigger and she’s a social worker, but don’t underestimate these cousins from Cape Breton Island. Rob’s hunting skills make him bush savvy and Michelle’s athleticism keeps the prey on the move. But Mantracker has never been so tuned in to his prey as he hounds them from the peaks of the Cape Breton Highlands to the depths of the Margaree River Valley.

Rob Donovan
Age: 40
Hometown: Sydney Mines, NS
Occupation: Grave Digger

Bio Fact: Rob is a volunteer fireman and volunteer rescue diver who has been married for 13 years. He has two great kids.

Michelle Killam
Age: 40
Hometown: Mira, NS
Occupation: Social Worker

Bio Fact: Michelle is a member of the Cape Breton Road Runners and is daring enough to have jumped out of an airplane. She thinks she can beat Mantracker and she hates being wrong!


The wilderness surrounding Ontario’s Sault Ste. Marie has proved a formidable opponent to Mantracker in the past, and that’s great news for Mark and Taylor, co-workers who hail from just down the highway, ‘cause they know the land like the backs of their hands. Mark has the age and experience while Taylor is all youthful exuberance, but in the bush, they’re a well-oiled machine, determined to defeat the tracker and have a damned good time doing it.

Mark Daub
Age: 39
Hometown: Elk Lake, ON
Occupation: Pole Line Constuction

Bio Fact: The owner of his own company, Mark is also in complete control when navigating his way through the wilderness.

Taylor van Ravenswaay
Age: 21
Hometown: Fenwick, ON
Occupation: Utility Pole Installer

Bio Fact: Loves hunting, hockey and Johnny Cash.


‘Team Aussie’ is what Bruce calls his pairing with in-law and friend Sabrina. The Martial Arts Champion and mother of two keeps pace with her whip-cracking, outback wild man as they battle Mantracker and the bugs in Northern British Columbia. And they manage to get on Mantracker’s bad side in the process. So now, it’s personal. The tracker is set on bringing them down.

Bruce Chandler
Age: 42
Hometown: Geelong, Victoria. Australia
Occupation: Diamond Driller

Bio Fact: Bruce has been a cattle drover and a Rodeo Bull-rider, but he’s most proud of his accomplishment in raising his two teenage boys.

Sabrina Croft
Age: 33
Hometown: Chilliwack, BC
Occupation: Heavy Equipment Operator

Bio Fact: When Sabrina’s not on the run from men on horseback, she keeps fit playing baseball and soccer, doing Tae Kwon Do and swimming with her kids. She likes to be spontaneous.


They’re smart, they’re tough, and they’ve prepared. But Buck and RJ aren’t used to being pursued. As tactical officers with the Barrie Police Force, they’re used to doing the pursuing. From chasing criminals to evading the Mantracker, it’s a test of strategy and psychological analysis that even has the Tracker confused.

David ‘Buck’ Goodbrand
Age: 35
Hometown: Barrie, Ontario
Occupation: Police Officer

Bio Fact: He’s had tactical and sniper training but also had a career as a foot model before joining the force. His phobia is eating live bugs.

Rich ‘RJ’ Johnson
Age: 32
Hometown: Barrie, Ontario
Occupation: Police Officer

Bio Fact: Rich has no experience in the wilderness but lives by his motto of “losing is not an option”. This fitness freak has a set of biceps that are legendary within the force.


Hello young lovers, you’d better watch your backs! They’ve only been dating for a year. Will the stress of evading Mantracker be too much for the break-dancing social worker and his university student girlfriend? They’re running through the dense woods of the Laurentian Mountains and it won’t stop raining. They’ll need to battle the bush and the weather to stay ahead of the tracker and keep the love alive.

Jordan Tibbo
Age: 24
Hometown: Yarmouth, NS
Occupation: Youth Worker

Bio Fact: Jordan knows his way around the bush, having trained in Wilderness Survival and led canoe trips for the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation.

Suzie Willis
Age: 23
Hometown: Halifax, NS
Occupation: Student

Bio Fact: Suzie’s early childhood memories of the wild animals around her Kenya home have given her a comfort level with the animal world in general. It may not make her comfortable with Mantracker and his horse, however.


University pals and constant cohorts, these IT wiz-kids and aspiring film-makers are tougher than they look … on the city block, maybe. Hockey and curling are their chosen sports, but they dive head first into the Mantracker challenge and try their best not to get lost in the rugged environs of Elliot Lake, Ontario.

Josh Johnston
Age: 24
Hometown: Trenton, Ontario
Occupation: IT Support/Training, Ind. Videographer

Bio Fact: Air Force Brat and High School Athlete, Josh’s extreme activities include roller-blading to work in downtown Toronto.

Kyle Geerkens
Age: 23
Hometown: Stirling, Ontario
Occupation: TV News Tech Support

Bio Fact: Kyle once fell into the water next to a hydro dam. He says he learned to tread water pretty quickly! And while he has no wilderness training, neither did cavemen.


Mantracker's youngest prey ever, Kaleigh is a college basketball star who has actually killed a bear and Alana lives in the wilderness. These BC mountain girls are determined not to let ‘that Alberta import’ get them. And they want to show everyone that a couple of pretty young things are tough enough to take on the challenge of brutal mountain terrain and the no nonsense cowboy.

Kaleigh Allen
Age: 19
Hometown: Smithers, BC
Occupation: University Student

Bio Fact: Killed a bear in self defence. Kaleigh enjoys competing in rodeo events, kayaking, rock climbing, skiing and snowboarding, fly fishing and hunting. She thinks she might be a little too competitive.

Alana Wadley
Age: 21
Hometown: Smithers, BC
Occupation: General Handyperson at 5 Star Lodge

Bio Fact: Alana grew up in a bush-loving family and practically lives in the wilderness for weeks on end. She loves fly fishing, dancing, snowboarding and all forms of art.