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It�s �Career Day� on MANTRACKER® Season 7, as pairs of vocationally matched challengers take on the new man in the saddle, Chad Savage. Horse cops, Roller Derby Girls, Rocket Scientists and Pig Hunters are among the select few who get to pit their strength, smarts and endurance against an expert hunter and tracker.

Chad Savage brings a wealth of tracking experience to the job. As an expert guide in terrain as varied as Mexico, South America, Africa and most of the Rocky Mountain chain from Yellowstone to Yukon, he�s tracked the big game, but he�s also trained in the fine art of spotting and interpreting human sign. Add to that his better than 20/20 vision and this season�s prey better be good at ducking for cover.

We introduce the new MANTRACKER® to some of our favourite sidekicks from the past � Ontario�s Barry Keown, Joe Trotz in Alberta and the paniolo himself, Leon Chow on Hawaii�s Big Island. It�s a season of challenge and adventure, and this time it�s MANTRACKER® who has a few surprises for his prey!