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Terry Grant is a full-blooded cowboy living in the wrong century. This Albertan has been a full time ranch cowboy for almost 25 years. An expert horseman and wilderness professional; hunting, guiding and tracking come second nature.  His keen instincts, intense character, and specialized skills led him to volunteer with the Alberta Foothills Search and Rescue Team.  For the past 6 years his time has been taken up by tracking Prey on OLN’s hit series MANTRACKER®.

This is his final season but his reputation is always on the line and he doesn’t let up for a second.

Russell Floyd
Age: 27
Honeymoon Bay, BC

Bio Fact: Russ is an AFA Certified Ferrier, a Licensed Sheep Hunting Guide and a Teacher! He is currently gearing up to teach a two week guide school where he�ll share skills like shoeing, packing, saddling and riding horses with kids from all over Canada.

Flint Lucas
Age: 30
Hometown: Claresholm, AB

Bio Fact: This newlywed is an avid Bow Hunter and Team Roper. In 2005 he won the International Team Roping Championship Open Finals in Olds Alberta. Being raised on a Ranch, Flint lives and breaths horses. He raises and trains quarter horses and even rides saddle broncs at the Rodeo.

Greg Huffman
Age: 45
Hometown: Thunder Bay, ON

Bio Fact: Greg has been riding all his life and been a Farrier for the last 27 years. When it comes to horses he knows ‘em best! You can always count on this cowboy, he’s hardworking, dedicated and some might even say opinionated. You can find him on the curling court in the winter.

Phil Lemieux
Age: 47
Hometown: Sault Ste Marie, ON

Bio Fact: Phil’s personal life experiences and cowboy lifestyle are all the training he needs. Climbing on a Saddle Bronc at 17 without his parents' knowing and his previous 4 seasons on Mantracker are proof he’s up for whatever it takes to win. Phil sums up his experience on the show by saying “It can go from a Trail Ride to a Rodeo real quick”.


Joe Trotz
Age: 59
Hometown: Crowsnest Pass, Alberta

Bio Fact: Not straying far from the “nest”, Joe has lived in Crowsnest Pass his whole life. He loves riding, team roping and Steer Wrestling. In the 80’s he placed first in his heat for Steer Wrestling at the Calgary Stampede. He is the official “Snowmobile Trail Groomer” for Alberta and he is the President of Kananaskis Rodeo which he started 29 years ago!

James Garnett Weese
Age: 56
Hometown: Dove Creek, CO

Bio Fact: Born and raised in Dove Creek Colorado, Garnett is a true cowboy. He used to train lion/bear hunting dogs! The only things that scare him are big cities. When asked what he appreciates most in life, his answer is simply “living to see the sun rise every morning”.

Kash Winn
Age: 46
Hometown: Ferron, UT

Bio Fact: Proud dad of five kids ranging from Cheerleaders to Pro Rodeo Cowboys, Kash spends a lot of his spare time in the wilderness riding. He’s a self-proclaimed juggler and is only afraid of one thing: heights! He was once stuck at the top of a ferris wheel and actually contemplated climbing down just to get to safety!

Scott Cox
Age: 41
Mancos, CO

Bio Fact: Despite his resemblance to Woody in Toy Story, Scott is a real live Colorado cowboy. He’s extremely proud of his ranch, home to upwards of 500 cattle and 30 horses. He was a volunteer Fire Fighter for 20 yrs and hopes to be on “Swamp People” one day - he once roped an alligator in Louisiana! Good luck Scott!

Gord Vaadeland
Age: 43
Hometown: Big River, Saskatchewan

Bio Fact: Gord raises horses on his Sturgeon River Ranch, a horse-based adventure business. In his spare time, he also works with the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society and the local Bison conservation group. Know your land? Gord's lived in this territory his entire life.

Brock Winn
Age: 21
Hometown: Ferron, UT

Bio Fact: Taking after his dad, Kash, Brock knows his land and loves it. When he’s not studying to become a pilot, he’s competing in rodeos. He recently brought home the win at the local Saddle Bronc Regionals. One day he hopes to be able to combine aviation with his love for the great outdoors.