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Terry Grant is a full-blooded cowboy living in the wrong century. This Albertan has been a full time ranch cowboy for over 25 years. An expert horseman and wilderness professional, hunting, guiding and tracking come second nature. Whether man or beast, he will track them down. His keen instincts, intense character, and specialized skills have made him a crucial member of the Foothills Search and Rescue Team. His reputation is always on the line and he doesn’t let up for a second. A steely-eyed cowboy with a killer, never-say-die attitude, Terry Grant is MANTRACKER®.

Leon Chow
Age: 50
Hometown: Pahala, Hawai'i

Bio Fact: Leon is a traditional 'Paniolo' - that's a Hawaiian cowboy - and Leon is third generation. He lives on the eastern slope of Mauna Loa, the closest to the summit of any residents on the mountain, and he's been working the neighbouring ranches for over 25 years. He's fiercely proud of his heritage, his family and his home-made Hawaiian saddle.

Curtis Hallock
Age: 34
Hometown: Grande Cache, Alberta

Bio Fact: Curtis has lived off the land surrounding Grande Cache for his whole life. He cares for a herd of horses that roam free in the area and he considers the rugged wilderness and dense bush his own backyard. Grizzly bear encounters and raging river crossings on horseback are nothing new to this Native horseman. Curtis’s experience and skills give Mantracker a big leg up in the challenging terrain here.

Barry Keown
Age: 56
Hometown: Sundridge, ON

Bio Fact: Barry loves being a cowboy, so he's thrilled to be back in the saddle for his 3rd season as Mantracker's sidekick. Barry makes his living as a farrier, but spends his leisure time hunting and rodeo roping: all good training for his time spent on the trail with Tracker.

Phil Lemieux
Age: 45
Hometown: Sault Ste Marie, ON

Bio Fact: In his 4th season as Mantracker's Sidekick from the Soo, Phil Lemieux leads the way through the trails around Elliot Lake. His new horse, Bailey, has a season behind her, so hopefully she won't stomp on the prey! But as Phil says, 'It doesn't get old.' He's pumped.


Mark Murphy
Age: 43
Hometown: Big Bear, CA

Bio Fact: He made his 'Mark' last season running down prey in the California desert and San Bernardino Mountains. This firefighter and paramedic has been doing rescue work - from swift water to mountain rescue, backcountry and urban search - since 1991. But now he's got a taste for the human hunt. Mark is back as Mantracker’s deputy for the two episodes in SoCal.

Martin Dillabough
Age: 52
Hometown: Quesnel, BC

Bio Fact: Martin grew up in these mountains, training horses and cutting trails for his dad's guiding outfit. He calls himself a 'tracker, self taught', although this is the first 'human prey' he's going after. He spends a lot of time hunting in Northern BC, but is still hoping to bag his first grizzly.