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Terry Grant is a full-blooded cowboy living in the wrong century. This Albertan has been a full time ranch cowboy for almost 25 years. An expert horseman and wilderness professional, hunting, guiding and tracking come second nature. Whether man or beast, he will track them down. His keen instincts, intense character, and specialized skills have made him a crucial member of the Foothills Search and Rescue Team. His reputation is always on the line and he doesn’t let up for a second. A steely-eyed cowboy with a killer, never-say-die attitude, Terry Grant is MANTRACKER®.

Mark Murphy
Age: 42
Hometown: Big Bear, CA

Bio Fact: Mark is a firefighter and paramedic who has been doing rescue work - from swift water to mountain rescue, backcountry and urban search - since 1991. He grew up on a small farm in Oregon but now makes his home in the San Bernadinos, embracing the lifestyle of the American Cowboy.

Tim Van Dyke
Age: 56
Hometown: Big White, BC

Bio Fact: Tim is 'home-grown' from Kelowna – “a dying breed”, he says. He's been skiing Big White since '64, so he knew these hills and trails even before he became a member of the resort’s security division. He's an avid hunter, although hunting human prey brings on a bigger smile!

Gord Vaadeland
Age: 41
Hometown: Big River, SK

Bio Fact: Gord runs the Sturgeon River Ranch, a horse-based adventure business, as well as raising horses. In his spare time, he also works with the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society and the local Bison conservation group. Know your land? Gord's lived in this territory his entire life.

Phil Lemieux
Age: 44
Hometown: Sault Ste Marie, ON

Bio Fact: Phil's back for his 3rd season as Mantracker's Algoma Country Sidekick and he's proven his worth time and again. He loves the hunt, and sometimes he even beats Mantracker to the prey. This year, he's breaking a new horse into the team, a frisky little gelding named Bailey.


Ryan Elliot
Age: 32
Hometown: Beaverdell, BC

Bio Fact: Ryan's been riding since he was 4 years old. Whether running 500 head of cattle on his family's ranch or breaking horses, he's logged thousands of tough hours in the saddle. For Brian & Julie's chase, he's riding his spirited 3 year old “Black Bear”.

Kevin Stacey
Age: 61
Hometown: Reidville, NL

Bio Fact: Kevin is a heavy-duty mechanic by trade but he spends all his hard-earned cash caring for cast off and abused horses and running trail rides out of his Cache Creek Stables. He says he has to “make them earn their feed”! Of course, Kevin says riding horses has always been a natural thing for him - it was the only way to get to school or haul in firewood when he was a young lad.


Barry Keown
Age: 55
Hometown: Sundridge, ON

Bio Fact: After thirty years of living in the Huntsville area, Barry is no stranger to this land. He became enthralled with the cowboy lifestyle watching westerns as a kid – John Wayne is his idol! So, he's real happy to be back in the saddle again as Mantracker's sidekick. Barry shoes horses for a living when he’s not honing his tracking skills hunting or rodeo roping.