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Relationships will be put to the test this season - watch friends, teammates, couples and co-workers take on Mantracker!

Season 2 features hour-long episodes that go deeper into the minds of both hunter and hunted. The terrain is more grueling than ever before and Mantracker is counting on his sidekick to know every inch of it. The prey already know each other, but will their bond help them to the finish as they work as a team, or will their relationship haunt them as they struggle to reach a consensus on how to beat Mantracker?

The prey take off into the bush with a head start, a map and a compass. The relentless Mantracker is on horseback armed with an arsenal of forensic skills. The hunted have 36 hrs and over 40 kilometers to outrun Mantracker - how they escape, that’s up to them.

The prey are looking for glory and Mantracker is looking for them.