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Lawrence Foster is a seasoned veteran of the outdoors. In addition to being a very strong and accomplished athlete, Lawrence has lead expeditions, rope rescue teams and military units. He’s been called Canada’s best adventure racer and has lead his Canadian team to unprecedented achievement in the world’s toughest races such as Eco Challenge.

Lawrence brings his incredible fitness, wilderness savvy and expertise to MANTRACKER®. He maps out the chase start and end points, and painstakingly tests each potential route to ensure the terrain is equally balanced for man and beast. Lawrence has described the chase routes as being like living video games, with each stage getting more and more challenging for the prey. When the chase is on, he stays with the prey, and captures every moment on camera.

Prey Chris shows off his knife before the chase begins.

Producer Terra looks on in BC.

Executive Producer Ihor shooting Mantracker.

Prey Dan gets his gear ready for the chase.

Mantracker and sidekick Neil relax after a long day.

Shifty sets up a shot as Lawrence looks on.

Photos : Terra Renton